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Polarchem started in 1967 with a chemical product for cleaning the fireside of boilers burning oil and coal.

‘Chemical soot-blowing'

If you can clean a dirty boiler you can also keep a clean boiler clean. This led to a method of regular intermittent injections of Polarchem products, which became known as “chemical soot-blowing”, used to complement other forms of soot-blowing by steam, air and sound.

The first extensive use of the method was by operators of turbine ships to increase the efficiency of their boilers and applied in hundreds of ships.

‘Soft' on-line cleaning

 A major step forward was made with the development of the first ‘soft' on-line cleaning of refinery furnaces. Specific intensive interventions enable operators to restore optimum conditions in a few days only. The effect is seen on the stabilization of bridge-wall temperature, pressure drop across the convection and fan-amps.

This is achieved by injection of a chemical product into the periphery of the flames without disturbing the combustion and without hitting and damaging tubes, refractory and thermo-couples.

This method is now used by many major oil companies on a regular basis.

Post-Combustion catalytic effect

 With the legislation in respect of air pollution in mind, Polarchem has developed another method, which will reduce dust emissions. This is based on a post combustion catalytic effect.

As dust is formed on a continuous basis, the continuous dosing of a chemical product is required in order to oxidize and neutralize the residues from combustion. This requires fully automatic dosing systems, which can be provided by Polarchem.

The effectiveness of electrostatic precipitators and bag-filters is increased.

The same method can also be applied to reduce the Sulphuric acid dew point by which the SO3 in the flue gas is neutralized.

Polarchem is used regularly in boilers burning poor quality coal or lignite.

In recent years a method for treating municipal waste incinerators has been developed, mainly to deal with the fouling problems, but also to reduce Hydrochloric acid corrosion.

Polarchem provides systems for the reduction of NOx-emissions and can also supply a post combustion catalyst to complement such a treatment.

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All Polarchem products are manufactured under ISO 9002 quality control.

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The European Trade Mark has the Registration No. 002217479.

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