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We provide Methods, Products, Systems & Services for online cleaning and treatment of the combustion side of boilers. Process furnaces & incinerators burning oil, coal, lignite and waste. We align the caring for the environment, with the profitability of your operations.

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What we do

Polarchem-products enables operators to run existing plant burning the same fuel with lower final fuel gas temperatures achieving better (fuel) efficiency. The buildup of deposits on heat exchange surfaces not only reduces

el efficiency. Also, in the presence of iron and vanadium the deposits provide catalysts which assist the conversion of SO2 to SO3. The cleaning effect of Polarchem-products prevents fouling and thereby stops the catalytic action. Less SO3 gives a lower acid dewpoint.

Polarchem Products are injected directly into the combustion chamber, normally above the burners, with simple equipment consisting of a metering pump, lance and nozzle, supplied according to the type of boiler or furnace.
The pump is operated by compressed air or electrically. The lance is permanently installed and continuously cooled by air or water.

Caring For The Environment?

If you are one of those who care about the environment, here is something for you. Nothing better than improving the bottom-line of the operations while keeping the environment green.

Less Fouling

No Corrosion

Less Emission

Case Studies

Our Process is straight forward and was not designed to interfere with the ongoing operations of the boiler/furnace.
It consists of the following three steps.





Provides Simple, Flexible and Cost-Effective solutions for fouling and slagging problems created during the combustion of coal (including lignite). oil and natural gas”.
POLARCHEM Technologies two primary products, Polarchem L2K and G3, are non-hazardous, water soluble and environmentally safe additives. They are aqueous solutions consisting of oxidizing and neutralizing agents that are injected into the radiation section of boilers while online to remove fouling and slagging. The use of POLARCHEM significantly reduces S03 emissions by capturing and converting S03 into neutral, non-reactive salts.
The POLARCHEM products are a mixture of nitrates with homogenizers, catalysts and inhibitors that chemically modify all the deposits which then become dry, friable and easy to remove.
Polarchem has been used extensively in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and many industrialized countries throughout the world for more than 45 years.
Polarchem has a proven record of “doing no harm” to boilers and equipment used in power plants, refineries, bio-mass and waste to energy facilities.

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